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Where the Funds Go

Securing the Future for New Immigrants

• Support for flights from Ethiopia and the former Soviet Union (FSU) to bring new immigrants to Israel.
• Absorption Centres, such as Kfar Saba, Netanya, Nurit, Haifa, Jerusalem. Run by the Jewish Agency, these centres spearhead successful integration into Israeli society by providing initial immediate housing solutions and basic necessities for new immigrants, particularly those from vulnerable populations. Each centre offers Hebrew language classes (ulpanim), vocational guidance and training, and a wide range of cultural and social activities that assist immigrants of all ages with their integration. Ethiopian Olim are among the most vulnerable new immigrants. The sheltered environment of absorption centres, plays an essential role in easing the difficult transition period following arrival. In addition to housing, they receive the tools they need for achieving independence, including employment workshops, educational intervention and counselling and of course, Hebrew language ulpan.

• Na’aleh – an acronym for ‘Youth before their Parents’. Na’aleh, enables students from the Former Soviet Union to come to Israel to complete their secondary school education in Israel with an Israeli matriculation certificate. Participants in this 3 year program are housed in absorption centres and other residential facilities and their basic needs are provided for in addition to cultural enrichment.

• Selah Program – an acronym for ‘Students before Parents’, is a 10 month academic preparatory course for recent high school graduates from the FSU. The program includes room and board, an intensive Hebrew-language ulpan, cultural programs and activities, and a special course of studies to prepare the students for higher education.

• Selah-Atid – A higher education preparatory program, provides a similar framework for students from Latin America and France.

• Kedma – a Hebrew acronym for Promoting Personal Readiness. Designed for Ethiopian young adults ages 17-27, this six month long program offers a comprehensive approach to integration through education. The program consists of an intensive Hebrew language ulpan and supplemental educational and vocational courses to help prepare young Ethiopian immigrants for employment and higher education opportunities.

• New Immigrant Student Scholarships offer full tuition to Ethiopian students in need. The majority of Ethiopian olim could not complete their studies without this help and they give back to the community by volunteering with Ethiopian schoolchildren to reduce the risk of high school drop outs. The scholarships help new immigrant students cover higher education costs and thus reach their full academic, vocational and professional potential. This promotes their integration into Israel and, after their studies, the students are able to contribute meaningfully to their new homeland.

• The Kibbutz Ulpan – Offers young immigrants aged 17 – 28, a unique immersion experience in the supportive environment of a kibbutz for 5 months, where they learn Hebrew and participate in the work and social activities of the Kibbutz.

• At Home Together – is a new paradigm for social integration which recruits volunteer Israeli families to ‘adopt’ newcomers during their first 2 years in Israel. New immigrants are given a critical social network which serves as a gateway to jobs and acculturation. The volunteer families feel personally enriched by giving back to the community.

Securing the Future of Israel’s High-Risk Populations

• Sparks of Science – Is a technology enrichment program, which strives to encourage scientific achievements among Ethiopian youth aged 13 – 18. It is a 3 year program of weekly classes in local university laboratories, moderated by graduate students. Currently operating under the auspices of the Technion in Haifa and the Weizmann Institute in Rehovot, the program also includes social activities.

• SPACE (School Priorities and Community Empowerment) – Run by the Ethiopian National Project (ENP), provides after-school enrichment programs and matriculation preparation for high school students. It includes intervention for youth in school, outreach for youth in crisis and community leadership development. Ethiopian-Israeli counsellors serve as positive role models.

• Kedma – a nine month program designed for Ethiopian young adults ages 17 – 27, and offers a comprehensive approach to integration through education. The program consists of an intensive Hebrew language ulpan and supplemental educational and vocational courses to help prepare young Ethiopians for employment and higher education opportunities.

• Net@ – Provides an after-school training course for students in grades 9-12 enabling them to become certified PC technicians and web managers before finishing their senior year of high school. Net@ trains disadvantaged youth in Israel’s peripheral areas, in computer technology and in the building and maintenance of internet-related networks. The ultimate goal is to enable them to compete for highly valued hi-tech positions.At the same time, Net@ instils values of excellence and community involvement. Third-year students also engage in volunteer projects in local schools and community centres. The program is co-sponsored by the Jewish Agency, KH, Cisco and the non-governmental organization, Tapuach.

• Atidim strives to advance the top 30% of students in the periphery and disadvantaged communities by giving them opportunities that they would not otherwise have. Atidim has a variety of different tracks aimed at helping students graduate high school with full matriculation, obtain a BA in one of Israel’s leading universities, acquire vocational skills, become a contributing member of Israeli society by volunteering to help others in need, and work in Israel’s leading corporations.

• Protected Housing Unit for senior citizens run by Amigour. Amigour administers a network of 54 sheltered homes throughout Israel, serving more than 7,500 senior citizens, average age is 75 and most are immigrants from the FSU. For a nominal monthly fee, they rent small apartments. Strict security measures – emergency call buttons in each room, public address systems, smoke detectors and sprinklers, provide tenants with security. Each Amigour facility is administered by a director and part-time housemother. A social worker helps residents with special needs, and caregivers assist with cleaning, shopping and errands.

• Public Housing – Amigour also manages 22,000 low-cost rental apartments in 23 locations throughout Israel. The 70,000 tenants include new immigrants, veteran Israelis, single parents, young couples and the elderly.

Securing our Future as a People
through Jewish/Zionist Education

• MASA Israel Journey – brings young Jewish adults from around the world on long-term programs to Israel. Launched in 2004, MASA aims at bringing 1 out of every 5 young Jews to Israel each year, with the ultimate goal being to bring 20,000 Jewish students for up to a year of study and volunteer work in Israel. Currently, 120 university, youth organisation and informal education programs are included under the umbrella of MASA.

• Birthright Israel – This program provides the opportunity for children in the Diaspora, who would otherwise not afford a trip, to visit to Israel for a 10 day program. Participants include students from the former Soviet Union who are then able to energise their local communities and encourage aliyah.

More programs…

• Tapuz Israel Experience for young Jews from Latin America

• Jewish Agency Fund for Lone Immigrant Students and Soldiers

• Programs to promote Jewish identity and to ‘bring Israel’ to Jewish communities around the world

• Partnership 2000 – Young Volunteer Leadership

• Israel Experience Study Program – 6 month program

• Jewish Agency Fund for Lone Immigrant Students and Soldiers

• Distribution of food packages for new immigrants at Pesach and Rosh Hashana

• Support for new immigrant victims of terror and their families
• Support for summer camps for new immigrant children from the FSU

• Early childhood day programs for new immigrant children

• After school tutorial programs for new immigrant children from Ethiopia and FSU

• Support for disadvantaged Olim families, living below the poverty line


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